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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cable Car Museum....

(A short walk from Union Square....FREE admission)

A visit to the Cable Car Museum in San Francisco is an enjoyable 30 minute education.  The museum is just the sort of "hidden gem" that we, at Bradley Golf Travel, hope to share with our readers.  Have you ever wondered how the little cars travel up and down the steep hills without any visible means of propulsion?  This museum is the place to go to find out....

A self guided tour shows the history of the iconic San Francisco transportation system and teaches the visitor how the cars function.  The museum is housed in the Washington-Mason powerhouse.

(you can see the working sheaves which drive and control the tension on the cables)

Then catch a ride on the cable car to experience the ride for yourself.


Monday, April 4, 2011

That famous tree...

I'm sure all golfers have seen it by now--the lone cypress is an iconic fixture at one of the country's most famous courses. Pebble Beach was the host to the US Open in 1972, 1982, 1992, 2000, 2010 and is currently scheduled to host the US Open in 2019 . Also, Pebble Beach is annually the home to the AT&T National Pro-am. Golfers from around the world flock to Pebble for it is truely America's great public course; Pebble Beach is America's St. Andrews.

The tree has long been the logo for Pebble Beach Golf Links. Standing on its rocky cliff for over 250 years, it has become a symbol of toughness and strength. It is now supported by cables and the cliff has been reinforced with the hope that the tree may last another 50 years, and for now, tourists can drive 17 mile drive and stop to appreciate the history of the tree.

So the next time you are out west, don't miss this fantastic tree and the story on how it became associated with one of America's great golf courses.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Get a piece of "the rock".....

A recent family trip will inspire our next series of blog posts.  We had a wonderful time and stand ready to help your family experience the sights of the Northern California coast. 

We highly recommend, on your next trip to San Francisco, that you take the time to tour Alcatraz Island.

(Boarding the ferry to Alcatraz)

A quick ferry ride away, Alcatraz features a very well done audio-tour which takes you through America's most famous prison from the days of prohibition and America's most wanted list. 

(A view of "The Rock" as we approached the island on a typical San Francisco foggy AM}

Narrated by one of the actual guards from Alcatraz, the tour moves at a comfortable pace.  Highlights include the isolation D block, actual stories from former prisoners and details of some of the most famous escape attempts.

(exterior of the building)

As odd as it sounds, the experience is fun and educational for the whole family.

(one of the cell blocks inside the prison)

And the view back to San Francisco isn't bad either.....