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Friday, August 12, 2011

Notre Dame Cathedral... in Paris

While you are in France playing St. Germain and Fontainebleau, make sure you see the Notre Dame Cathedral.
Built in the 14th century, the cathedral is most well known for its flying buttresses supporting the walls of the church.
Make sure you see this great cathedral on your next trip to Paris and make sure you let Bradley Golf Travel book it for you too!

Monday, August 8, 2011

What's the Deal with Royal Cinque Ports?

Just a few miles down the coast from Royal St. George's, lies Royal Cinque Ports (also affectionately known as Deal)


Deal's greens and their wild undulations make them by far Deal's most outstanding feature.


I had a fantastic time with my dad at Deal and I'm sure that anyone that who plays Deal will enjoy there time as well. Let Bradley Golf Travel book your next trip to England.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Royal Ashdown

The best bunkerless course in the world?

Royal Ashdown must rely on slopes and contours to create interest around the greens - check out the slope leading to this green!   Pretty cool.
I know that the choices in this category are limited, and truthfully, I am glad.  I found Royal Ashdown Forest to be fun and interesting.  In my opinion, it would probably be a better golf course with a few strategically placed bunkers.  For the golf course architecture student,  however, Royal Ashdown is a must see.  The use of countour and ground movement creates interesting shots and allows for a myriad of options.  The ground game is certainly en vogue at Ashdown and the course plays firm and fast.   If you haven’t seen it and are planning a trip to London, let us arrange for you to see it for yourself.

Just a with Bradley Golf Travel will not only be more convenient, but it will save you money too!