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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Does your buddy trip have a name?

Mine does.


What happens to a golfer when he has played 36 holes for several days in a row:  Coursendonk.  Now lovingly referred to as "THE DONK".

4 guys who truly enjoy being together, 3 guys who love to play golf.

What makes a Donk?  Cereal, Golf, Chicken Sandwhich, Golf, Chicken Sandwhich, Milkshake, Sleep...REPEAT.

add a Soundtrack, a silly bet, a great (or sometimes not so great) golf destination, 13 straight years and love and you get a Donk.

How did it originally get its name?

(the inspiration for naming the Donk:  Corsendonk Ale)

I'd love to hear about your golf buddy trip.  And be sure to check out the my thread on this topic on Golf Club Atlas: 


1 comment:

  1. What a coincidence! Our "buddy trip" is also called Coursendonk. I have tried many times to blog about it, but I can't seem to produce the words that do it justice.

    Great hearing your voice today. Thanks again for the invite.