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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Royal Ashdown

The best bunkerless course in the world?

Royal Ashdown must rely on slopes and contours to create interest around the greens - check out the slope leading to this green!   Pretty cool.
I know that the choices in this category are limited, and truthfully, I am glad.  I found Royal Ashdown Forest to be fun and interesting.  In my opinion, it would probably be a better golf course with a few strategically placed bunkers.  For the golf course architecture student,  however, Royal Ashdown is a must see.  The use of countour and ground movement creates interesting shots and allows for a myriad of options.  The ground game is certainly en vogue at Ashdown and the course plays firm and fast.   If you haven’t seen it and are planning a trip to London, let us arrange for you to see it for yourself.

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